Payroll Services

Sonrise TagsAndTax payroll services cater to the payroll needs of employers with a very small number of employees. Many of our small business payroll services clients have only 1-4 employees. We are fully computerized and have the capability of generating check stock in our office that complies with current banking regulations. This allows us to respond instantly to changes in bank accounts, bank mergers, etc.

Electronic filing and direct deposit are just a few of the payroll services we provide for small businesses. We take pride in our ability to mesh our services into your particular circumstances at a price that is quite competitive and very affordable, even for the smallest of enterprises. Most importantly, when you need us, we’re here! We meet your needs promptly, efficiently, and without voice mailboxes! At Sonrise, we’re big enough to meet your needs, but small enough to value every client and know your situation personally.

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