Meeting With Us

What should you bring to Sonrise to complete your tax return?

If this is your first time with SONRISE preparing your taxes, we require that you bring a copy of last year’s tax return, social security cards for ALL individuals on the tax return & Drivers License/ID for any adults on the tax return.

We have 3 primary options available to complete your tax return. All of them are more efficient when you prepare by completing our Tax Organizer!

First is our  Express Return Dropoff Procedure.  This option is available 24/7 through our secure physical dropslots at each office location and allows for a contactless process developed as a result of COVID.  We can also offer a “virtual” or paperless option upon request using our secure encrypted technology  provider Verifyle. It is ideal for clients with health concerns, immune deficiencies, or perhaps clients just too busy to come to the office, especially during our business hours.

Our second option is an in-person face-to-face Express Return Interview with one of our friendly staff.  Similar to our first option however it gives you that personal interaction you may need or seek.  With an efficient review of your documents and checklist completion we will have you on your way in short order.  This of course is only offered during our business hours.

Lastly, is a dedicated face-to-face sit-down appointment with one of our Tax Professionals.  While this is the most time consuming, it can be a good fit for clients that have very involved tax situations or have had significant changes since the previous years tax filing.  We also have capabilities to offer these appointments in a virtual environment upon request.

As a reference, provided below is an abbreviated summary list of items for new & existing clients.  To see our complete list, check out “What Do I Need for My Taxes?” OR our new & improved “Tax Organizer”.

When you come to Sonrise, please bring the following:

  • Completed SONRISE Tax Organizer
  • Social Security Cards for newborns/new dependents or for new clients (for all individuals on the tax return)!
  • Dates of birth for taxpayer, spouse, and dependents
  • Drivers License or ID for all adults
  • Bank Information/Voided Check for Direct Deposit/Debit (Bank Name, Routing #, Account #, Checking or Savings)
  • Label, Envelopes and Forms from your local tax collector
  • W-2 forms, 1099’s, and any other statements of income
  • Self-employed Farm/Business & Rental Income and Expenses
  • Investment Income & Brokerage Documents (1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-B) *New emphasis on Cryptocurrency!
  • Pension/Retirement income statements
  • Social Security or Unemployment Compensation statements
  • Retirement Contributions
  • Medical Expenses (must be more than 7.5% of your Income)
  • Real Estate Taxes (*If eligible & applying for PA Property Tax Rebate they MUST be Receipted/Stamped Paid)
  • Mortgage Interest Statements (1098)
  • Charitable Donations/Contributions (Must have Receipts/Documentation!)
  • Child care expenses (Must have receipt with Providers Name, Address, ID Number, and which children were cared for)
  • Work-related expenses (generally only beneficial if over $1,000)
  • Student Loan Interest (1098-E)
  • College Tuition Documents Forms/Statements/Payments (room and board are not deductible) (1098-T)